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Kids in Art Class


Statements from the "GREAT" Kids/Teen Groups:

“This group helped me to get out of my head. Instead of being stuck at home doing homework, I could come into group and relax.”

— Fiona

”Fun and peaceful!”

— Andreli

”I feel better socially because I can talk to people better. I wasn’t sure I would enjoy art therapy, but I really like it!”

— Dayana

”It helped me to better understand and explain how I felt and I wasn’t embarrassed about it.”

— Kate

”This group was fun. I like to hang out and make art and talk to people.”

— Stefani

”I love coming here! It makes me feel welcomed!!”

— B.

”The group gave me comfort and instead of being worried or bored at home, I could come at make art.”

— Kate

”I LOVE this group!!”

— M.

”It’s really fun, and a great way to make art and share about it!”

— N. N.

Feedback from professional trainings and retreats featuring Expressive Arts:

I have had the lovely opportunity to attend the Mental Health Conference at Carol Joy Hollings the past few days. Little did we know that this was not only a conference to learn about strategies to take back to our own classrooms and to our kids to address mental health but truly a time for us as educators to address our own mental health as educators-to recharge, address issues we are dealing with internally, and have the mindset we need to start the year of on the right foot.

— September, 2022

At this conference we learned different mental health strategies for our classrooms by fully immersing ourselves in these experiences. Some of the different strategies we learned about were Doors of Perception, Self-Care Tree Metaphors, Caring for Your Inner SuperHero, Find Your Wise Guide, Aromatherapy, SoulCollage, Window of Tolerance, and Sandtray therapy.

— September, 2022

So to start off, I wanted to let you know that I REALLY enjoyed the EXA training. Probably one of the best and most relevant training I have attended in my entire counseling career. I am super excited to begin using the tools in my own practice as well as Group Therapy.

— 2021

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