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Research Efficacy in Support of Expressive Arts

NExT Foundation is dedicated to conducting research in support of the use of Expressive Arts in a variety of settings. Here we showcase some of our events and programs involving mental health and Expressive Arts in order to help educate the community at large and engage collaborators.

The "GREAT" Kids Group (Growing with Expressive Arts Together)

The GREAT kids group model, created by NExT founder Betsy Funk, is an Expressive Arts Based group which has been facilitated in area elementary, middle, and high school groups throughout the Omaha Metro since 2016. Thus far, with the support of Project Harmony this group has served over 150 children thus far and was conducted in over 20 schools. Based on data collected from survey’s from 141 participants, this group continues to show a statistically significant decrease in emotional symptoms, conduct problems, hyperactivity, and a very significant decrease in peer problems. Additionally, it showed a statistically significant increase in prosocial skills. Through a partnership with the UNO, STEPS program, an initial report was generated and can be accessed through the link below:

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