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About Us

What is the NExT Foundation?

NExT Foundation (Nebraska Expressive Arts Therapy Foundation) is a new community-based nonprofit in Omaha, Nebraska.

We serve Nebraska and surrounding states in our mission of integrating mental health and Expressive Arts in a way that promotes healing, connection, and community enrichment. We seek to accomplish this through Expressive Arts group and individual therapy, training, workshops, seminars, and community outreach opportunities with an emphasis on collaboration with supportive community partners.

Our Mission

The mission of the NExT Foundation is to improve mental health in Nebraska through Expressive Arts Therapy.

Our Vision

The Nebraska Expressive Arts Therapy Foundation {NExT} provides empowering and vibrant approaches to support positive mental health for Nebraska and surrounding areas. The NExT Team of clinical therapists and facilitators engage the innate creativity in all humans, recognizing this as a vehicle for connection, growth and healing, fostering the basic need to explore and incorporate the creative as a pivotal voice. We strive to advance the body of trauma-informed, evidence-based research to support the efficacy of Expressive Arts interventions for groups, individuals and the community at large, recognizing diversity as sacred and critical to the whole.

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