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Natalie Hogge

Natalie Hogge


Creative Director, Cofounder

Natalie Hogge is a dedicated Trauma-informed Clinical Psychotherapist, known for her integrative and respectful approach to mental wellness. She prioritizes the therapeutic relationship, cultivating it with a sense of curiosity and humility to enrich the therapeutic experience through mutual learning and understanding. Natalie firmly believes in the client's expertise in their own journey. She is committed to guiding individuals, families and community toward enlivened and embodied transformation. She endeavors to collaboratively transcend struggles of emotional unrest in order to acquire a lasting state of peace, resilience and connection, rendering a meaningful existence. Natalie's therapeutic philosophy centers on the inherent capacity for self-healing, emphasizing the embrace of vulnerability, the empowerment of one’s narrative, and the encouragement of new self-perceptions.

With a specialization in Expressive Arts Therapy, she advocates for a non-intrusive, client-led communication pathway that respects the individual's narrative without presumption or imposition. Her methodology employs a variety of expressive modalities—including movement, visual arts, written word, mindfulness-based stress reduction, and sound—to navigate and transform the emotional landscape, particularly where words alone may not suffice.


Natalie is as committed to her own creative growth as she is to her clients', believing that nurturing her artistic expression is key to fostering an imaginative and adaptive therapeutic environment. This personal dedication ensures she remains engaged, resourceful, and empathetically attuned to those she serves.

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